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Dear customers,

quality of our products is the most important while our delivering. By this reason, we will be more than happy if you will always inform us if there is any mistake. Every yours complain and wishes we will manage with each of you individually and then with our employees. Thank you for giving this warning a little time and we wish you plenty of gourmet experiences. If you have a problem, please contact us.

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Hradec Králové

Slezské předměstí, Malšova Lhota, Malšovice, Moravské předměstí, Třebeš, Nový Hradec Králové, Roudnička, pražské předměstí, Kukleny, Plačice, Svobodné dvory, Plotiště nad Labem, Plácky, Věkoše, Pouchov, min. order of food for 179 Kč

2. zóna

Opatovice nad Labem, Březhrad, Vysoká nad Labem, Praskačka, Stěžery, Všestary, Předměříce nad Labem, Rusek, Slatina, Svinary usually to 60 minutes, min. order of food for 299 Kč. We will be glad to bring you pizza anywhere around Hradec Kralové, the terms of delivery will be communicated to you by the customer service.

Dear Customers, We always try to deliver your order as soon as possible, but we will occasionally hit factors that we can´t influence and delivery will be delayed. In these cases, we ask for understanding, we always do our best for the customer. When ordering a meal for a specific hour, we reserve a 10 - 20 minute reserve for delivery accuracy. Thank you for your understanding.